Praising the Three Jewels

The Buddha Jewel shines infinitely, enlightened for countless lifetimes.
The beauty and stability of Buddha sitting
is seen in mountains and rivers.
How splendid is the vulture peak,
how beautiful the light
that shines forth from Buddha’s brow illumining the six dark paths.
To the Nagapushpa assembly we will go
to continue the true teachings and practices. We take refuge in the Buddha ever present.

The Dharma jewel is infinitely lovely, the precious words of Buddha.
Like Fragrant flowers floating down from the heavens.
The wonderful Dharma is plain to see, it is recorded luminously in three transparent baskets.
From generation to generation
handed down in ten directions,
so that today we can see our way.
We vow to learn with all our heart.
We take refuge in the Dharma ever present.

The Sangha jewel is infinitely precious, a field of merit and good seeds.
The three robes and begging bowl
are symbols of freedom.
The mindfulness trainings, concentration and insight,
support each other.
In mindfulness day and night,
the Sangha dwells and is the foundation for us to realize,
the fruit of meditation.
With one heart we come home
and take refuge in the Sangha ever present.