A moment to come back to my true home

Walking Meditation @PondokSadhanaAmitayus

Taking my time to get away from the city lights, heavy traffic and fast-paced environment.

I arrived at Pondok Sadhana Amitayus,

I feel blue and liberated as I look up to the vast clear skies.
I feel green and nourished as I look down on the wild field of grass.
I feel yellow and accepted when the sun embraces my standing body.
I touch white and empty like the clouds painting the sky.

Several times, the vibrating sound of the bell as it penetrates through space has invited me to come back home to myself.

I sense transparency and arriving as I attend to my steps.
I sense clear and present as I notice my breath.
I am one with the cosmos as my knees and naked forehead touch the earth.

A sensation of being alive in my heart and a smile on my face appeared as I watched a living, happy community sitting, eating and singing harmoniously. A circle that is present for one another.

Practicing mindfulness and chanting the sutras for several days here transforms a feeling of restlessness into calmness. A chaotic mind turns quiet. The fast beating heart begins to slow down. Enmity gently turns into compassion.

Arriving here is an invitation to come back and be present to my true home. A home of true peace and harmony.

Composed by Astrid Padmanita K