Be Still And Heal – Mindful Music

I (Yên) own nothing but the editing. All credit goes to their rightful owners.

1. I am home (ft. Sisters and Layfriends of Clarity Hamlet)
2. Be an island (A Jam session with Deer Park monastics and lay people right before the Family Retreat. Jun 2011)
3. Alone Again (Brother Pháp Khôi)
4. Walking meditation (Bodhicitta Production)
5. And when I rise (Wiches Brew)
6. Cloud and the tea (Ellen from joe in Plum Village project)
7. Peace
8. Inter-being (Bodhicitta Production)
9. The seed of corn (Ellen from joe in Plum Village project)
10. Be thankful for all these blessing (Sister Hải Ấn- Ocean)

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